How Can I Safely Teach My Teenager Driving Education?

The idea of teaching a young teenager how to drive strikes panic in many parents. It’s normal to worry about what could happen to your child behind the wheel, and as a parent you want to make sure they get the best driving education possible. If you are ready to begin the process of teaching your teen how to drive, there are a few things you should know in order to ensure a successful experience.

What Should I Expect and Know as a Teen Driver Teacher?

  • Let your teenager make the initial move: Not every teenager is ready to learn how to drive once he or she turns 15 or 16. Wait for your teen to approach you when they are ready, and don’t push the issue too early.
  • Plan ahead: Figure out beforehand where you’ll be practicing with your teen, what time of the day, and what skills you plan on teaching them.
  • Act as the coach: Your role as the teen driver’s parent is to properly coach him or her through the basics of driving. Don’t get upset when they do something wrong and don’t talk down to them; be specific in what you want them to do, just like a coach would.
  • Correct their actions by asking questions: Instead of coming out and telling them they’re wrong, ask them questions to incite the appropriate behavior from them. Teach your teen to be aware of their surroundings by being constantly alert.
  • Start slowly: When you start out teaching, begin with the basics, such as accelerating, braking and turning in a parking lot. Once they are comfortable there, you can move to a small neighborhood, and then busier streets and highways.
  • Give directions carefully: Give your teenager plenty of notice before you tell them to turn. Use the proper vocabulary so as not to confuse them; for example, use “right” for directions only, and “correct” when they did something well.
  • Set a good example: Finally, your driving is the best example for your teenager. When driving with your child, be a safe driver and practice everything you plan on teaching them.

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