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Auto Accidents

Full Compensation For Car Accident Victims

Every year in Wisconsin, approximately 40,000 people are injured in auto accidents and almost 600 people are killed. Department of Transportation statistics, however, cannot adequately convey the enormous impact these accidents have on victims and their families.

The attorney you trust with your case must be someone who empathizes with you and uses that empathy as motivation to aggressively pursue justice.

At Martin Law Office, S.C., in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, our attorneys combine legal and medical experience to deliver smart, assertive and compassionate representation that produces positive results. We represent drivers, passengers and pedestrians who’ve been injured by negligent or reckless drivers.

Understanding At-fault Laws For Wisconsin Insurance

In the state of Wisconsin, the insurance company for a driver who is determined to be at fault for an accident must pay to compensate any victims for personal injury and property loss.

Your first step toward recovering damages is to prove that someone other than yourself caused the accident.

You should start immediately by:

  • Taking photographs of the scene and all damage done to vehicles
  • Taking photographs of your injuries and other injured parties
  • Calling the police and getting an accident report on record
  • Collecting contact information from any witnesses to the accident
  • Getting immediate medical assistance for your injuries
  • Contacting a qualified Wisconsin vehicle accident attorney

Of course, a serious accident will likely leave you incapacitated and unable to take some of these initial steps. That makes it even more important that you contact an accident attorney immediately.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists In Wisconsin

In the State of Wisconsin, the insurance company for a driver who causes a car crash is responsible for any and all damages that result from that driver’s negligence—that includes damage to both the person and property.  Your first step to recovering fair and reasonable compensation for your personal injuries is to prove that someone other than yourself is responsible for causing the crash in the first instance.  You should take the following steps in order to prove that the other driver caused the car wreck.

Retain Aggressive Representation From The Outset

Martin Law Office, S.C., facilitates your recovery with strong, assertive representation that communicates your seriousness about receiving full compensation. Whether you were injured in a car vs. bicycle accident, an ATV accident, a drunk driving crash or any other type of motor vehicle accident, we will thoroughly investigate your accident to establish a solid, persuasive case. Our experience and resources can match and exceed the opposition in negotiation or at trial, increasing your chances of being fully compensated.

Contact a skilled and determined personal injury lawyer

Martin Law Offices accepts personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means we never charge an upfront fee for services. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 414-856-4010 or contact us.

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