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Why is Safe Driving Important in Parking Lots?

Practicing safe driving is essential every time that you hit the roadways, no matter if is a heavily traveled road or lightly road. Safe driving includes paying the utmost attention to the roadways and avoiding distracted driving activities, such as using your cell phone or eating behind the wheel. In addition to practicing safe driving on the roadways, drivers should also be practicing safe driving while in parking lots.

Recently, a tragic accident occurred in a parking lot in San Antonio, Texas. The accident occurred when a car crashed into a cart in the parking lot of a grocery store. A mother and her baby had just completed their grocery shopping. The baby was sitting in the seat of the shopping cart while the mother was unloading the groceries, when the cart was struck by the vehicle. After striking the cart holding the baby, the driver struck another individual who was also loading their groceries into the car.

The force of the collision caused the baby to fly out of the cart. The baby was taken to the hospital, but tragically died from the injuries sustained as the result of the collision at the hospital. Law enforcement officials believe that the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collisions. Following the accident, the driver was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter and intoxicated assault.

This tragic accident shows the importance of practicing safe driving at all times. Safe driving includes paying attention to the roadways and never driving while under the influence. It is especially important to be alert in parking lots as there are many pedestrians and people standing by their vehicles. By paying attention and practicing safe driving, you can help keep the roadways and parking lots safe for everyone.

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