Why should you clean your car off before driving?

During the winter in Wisconsin there is a lot of snow and ice. If you park your car outside, it is common for it to become covered in snow and/or ice. When this happens it is very important to ensure that your car is completely cleaned off before driving. A recent story shows the importance of why you should clean your car off before driving.

Massachusetts is currently experiencing weather conditions similar to the conditions Wisconsin is experiencing. The weather conditions have been causing buildups of ice on vehicles and the state has instituted a “Clear Ice and Snow Before You Go!” campaign to remind drivers the importance of cleaning off their vehicles before driving.

On Thursday, February 14th, a six year old girl was injured when a large piece of ice crashed through the window shield of the vehicle that she was in. The ice flew off the truck in front of her vehicle. When the ice hit the window shield it caused it to shatter, and the girl was cut from both the glass and the ice.

This story shows the importance of cleaning off your car before driving and the hazards off leaving snow and ice on your vehicle. When you leave snow and ice on your vehicle when you drive, you take the risk of those things flying off your vehicle, which could potentially hinder your ability to see or could hit another vehicle on the roadway. Snow or ice flying off vehicles can cause injuries and accidents. Help to keep the roadways safe by clearing snow and ice off of the your vehicle.

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