How to Avoid a Serious ATV Accident in Wisconsin

June 14 , 2018 | Personal Injury

As a Wisconsin citizen, you are probably no stranger to outdoor activities during the spring and summer months. One of these activities is ATV riding or riding any other kind of 4-wheel vehicle. However, without proper training or experience, ATVs can result in serious injuries. Thankfully, there are many things that you can do to minimize your chances of injuries or fatalities if you plan to ride your ATV this summer.

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent ATV Accidents?

  • Attend an ATV rider training course: Receive the basics of riding and safety in a certified ATV course. These can teach you important riding techniques that could save you from easily avoidable injuries.
  • Gain experience: Take time to get used to your ATV and become comfortable with riding it in multiple settings. Many riders with less than a year of experience may experience an injury at some point while riding an ATV.
  • Ride responsibly: Don’t drink or do drugs while riding your vehicle; reports show that 30% of all ATV crashes involve some type of impairment while riding. Ride at a reasonable speed for you and be aware of any road conditions or riding rules and regulations.
  • Don’t overload your vehicle: Too much weight on your vehicle can easily make it unstable and capable of rolling over. Don’t let any passengers ride where they’re not supposed to, such as on the back or hanging off the side.
  • Approve any modifications: Changing wheel and tire sizes, suspension mods, lift kits, etc. can really mess up your ATV’s riding capabilities and result in accidents. Go to an experienced ATV mod company that knows what’s safe or not for your vehicle.
  • Follow a maintenance schedule: Always be sure to check the condition of your wheels, and be sure to check the steering, suspension, and brakes before every ride.
  • Use good judgment: The most important advice for preventing an ATV accident is to not tackle anything you know you’re not ready to handle. Don’t speed in unfamiliar areas and tracks, and just use common sense.

You should also make sure that you and all your passengers are wearing proper safety equipment. This includes helmets, spine protector jackets, goggles, gloves, pants and boots. If you or a loved one have been injured in an ATV accident, you could receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Contact us today at Martin Law Office, S.C. for a free consultation.