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Importance of Cleaning Snow and Ice From Car

Even though it is now April, it seems as though the winter weather in Wisconsin is continuing. With winter weather comes snow and ice. If you park your car outside, you likely have to brush snow and/or ice off of it in the morning during the winter months. A recent incident in Wisconsin shows the importance of removing the snow and ice from your vehicle before entering the roadway.

In Columbia County, law enforcement officials were called to the scene of the incident where ice from the roof of a car struck another vehicle. While traveling down the roadway, a vehicle that was not cleaned of snow and ice well before entering the roadway. As the vehicle began to move a chunk of ice from the roof of the car came flying off and crashed into the window shield of another vehicle on the roadway. The impact of the ice on the window shield caused the the window shield to shatter and sent glass as well as other debris into the vehicle. Both the driver of the vehicle as well as the passenger suffered injuries from the glass and debris entering the vehicle.

In Wisconsin, it is required under state statute that the entire vehicle is cleared of ice and snow before it enters the roadway. This includes the vehicle’s windows, mirrors, hood and roof. If a clear is not cleared of ice and/or snow it can result in a $750.30 fine and two points for the first violation or a $213.10 fine and two points for a second violation. It is important that your vehicle be cleared, not only for your safety, but for the safety of others. By clearing your car, you make it easier to see what is going on around you as well as limit the possibility of something flying off of your vehicle while driving. Help to make the roadways safer by clearing snow and ice from your vehicle.

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