Are You a Good Driver? Your Smartphone Can Answer That

Have you ever wondered how you can know whether or not you’re a good driver? There are a plethora of apps that you can download onto your smartphone to help to ascertain the answer.

The apps tell people if they are good drivers by monitoring the smartphone’s GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. By monitoring these things, the app can determine if you brake or accelerate abruptly, how fast you drive and how smooth your turns are.

Insurance companies have shown an interest in obtaining the data from these apps. Some insurance companies such as Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Allstate and State Farm are offering a discount on insurance for submission of information obtained by the apps.

Downloading one of these apps can help to reduce your car insurance rates. It may also help to encourage safe driving behavior. Using this information and havin rewards for safe driving such as a lower insurance rate, may give people the incentive to adopt safe driving behavior.

Do you have an app that monitors your driving? Would you consider downloading an app that monitors your driving?

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