September 9 , 2021

False Imprisonment and Nursing Home Neglect in Wisconsin

At first blush, these two torts, false imprisonment, and nursing home neglect appear to have almost nothing in common. But…

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April 26 , 2021

How Common Is Elder Abuse?

Sadly, as our population ages, elder abuse is becoming more and more prevalent. As more individuals become residents in nursing…

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March 29 , 2021

Steps to Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Elderly loved ones should never suffer from abuse or neglect, if it happens a nursing home abuse claim must be…

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July 31 , 2020

How Can You Tell If Your Loved One Is the…

As people age, it can become more difficult to care for themselves. They will eventually have to rely on others…

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May 11 , 2020

How to Prevent Nursing Home Falls in Wisconsin

Falls in assisted living facilities and nursing homes often result in severe injuries. For example, brain injuries, broken bones and…

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March 31 , 2020

Why Should You Be Careful About Your Social Media Posts?

For many people, social media is a part of their everyday life. Common social media websites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

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