December 16 , 2021

Can Wisconsin Malpractice Lawyers Obtain Compensation for a Botched Surgery?

All medical malpractice cases, like other negligence claims, begin with a duty of care. Doctors have a fiduciary duty. That’s…

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March 31 , 2020

Why Should You Be Careful About Your Social Media Posts?

For many people, social media is a part of their everyday life. Common social media websites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

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December 12 , 2018

Biggest Findings From Newspaper Investigation into Doctor Misconduct

Over the past year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in conjunction with USA Today and MedPage  has been performing an investigation…

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August 16 , 2016

Sexual Abuse Could Constitute Medical Malpractice

A common question posed to patients in their doctor's office is, "Do you feel safe? Is there anyone in your…

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May 24 , 2016

Acknowledgment and Apology for Medical Errors is Good for All

Have you been a victim of a medical error? While following a medical mistake there may not be anything that…

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October 20 , 2015

Prevent Misdiagnosis: 5 Ways To Help Your Doctor Get It…

When people think of medical malpractice, they are likely to envision horrifying errors. A surgeon operates on the wrong body part.…

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