June 22 , 2016

Tips for Safe Driving

Every year millions of people are involved in automobile accidents. However, by practicing safe driving strategies, you will have a…

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June 9 , 2016

How to File a Property Damage Claim

Being in an automobile accident is scary enough, but the process of filing a property damage claim should not be.…

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June 9 , 2016

Three things to avoid in the aftermath of an auto…

Accidents happen. Even the most skilled and cautious drivers can be involved in car accidents, and can experience lost time, injury,…

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June 7 , 2016

Finding a Good Nursing Home

When a loved one becomes unable to live on their own safely, it is sometimes necessary for them to enter…

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May 24 , 2016

Acknowledgment and Apology for Medical Errors is Good for All

Have you been a victim of a medical error? While following a medical mistake there may not be anything that…

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March 25 , 2016

Are You Driving While Distracted?

Distracted driving is not a new phenomenon. For as long as people have been behind the wheel of a vehicle,…

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January 22 , 2016

More Elder Abuse Due To Sharing Photos On Social Media

If you saw the national news story about a Wisconsin nursing assistant sharing nude photos of an elderly patient on…

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December 4 , 2015

Signs Your Car Accident Was Caused By Drowsy Driving

Just like drunk driving and distracted driving, drowsy driving causes terrible mistakes behind the wheel that injure and kill people.…

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October 23 , 2015

Do You Need An Attorney After A Car Accident?

While car accidents happen every minute of the day, we never think they will happen to us. Few people are…

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