July 22 , 2016

Kid’s L.L. Bean Water Bottles Recalled

The retailer, L.L. Bean, is recalling insulated water bottles that were designed for children because of possible lead contamination. The…

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July 21 , 2016

Hot Weather Increases Likelihood of Pavement Buckling

With considerably hot and humid weather conditions coming this week, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation wants to remind drivers that…

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July 20 , 2016

Pokemon Go Raises Safety Concerns

From distracted pedestrians to automobile accidents to trespasing on private property, the success of Pokemon GO is raising concerns for…

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July 14 , 2016

Is Inexpensive Fuel Causing Car Accidents?

The cheaper gas prices and the stronger economy have their benefits, but they also have a downside. The low gas…

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July 12 , 2016

Eating While Driving

When people think of dangerous activities to do while driving, the one that most likely pops into their head first…

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July 7 , 2016

Construction Zone Safety

It has been said that there are two seasons in Wisconsin: winter and road constuction. Right now we are in…

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July 1 , 2016

Honda and Acura Recall

Federal safety regulators have issued a warning to owners of more than 300,000 Hondas and Acuras regarding the safety of…

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June 30 , 2016

4th of July

When people think of the 4th of July, they likely think of parades, fireworks and picnics. Because of all the…

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June 28 , 2016

How to Change a Flat Tire

At one point or another, it is likely to happen to everyone. You're driving down the road, and suddenly your…

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