October 31 , 2016

Texting and Driving Causes Fatality

On Friday, October 21 there was an accident on Highway 35 close to River Falls, Wisconsin that involved cellphone use.…

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October 26 , 2016

Insect Causes Car Crash

On the morning of Friday, October 21st there was a car accident in Washington County. The accident occurred near Highway…

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October 24 , 2016

Declining Gas Prices

The average price for a gallon of gas in Milwaukee was $2.16 per gallon, which was lower than the national…

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October 19 , 2016

Warning Issued for Children’s Teething Tablets

A warning has been issued for homeopathic teething tablets made by the company Hyland. The recall comes after the teething…

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October 17 , 2016

Warning Issued for Heart Defibrillators

St. Jude Medical has issued a warning about heart defibrillators because the heart defibrillators have had issues with battery failure.…

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October 14 , 2016

When there isn’t enough: How to supplement your income after…

You had always been an avid runner. Since you were a kid, you would run to school, to a friend's,…

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October 12 , 2016

Will Ford Recall Trucks for Possible Brake Failures?

There is an ongoing investigation by federal safety regulators into the brake systems in Ford F-150 trucks.  They are investigating…

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October 10 , 2016

New Traffic Law Effective in Wisconsin

A new traffic law took effect in Wisconsin beginning on October 1, 2016. This new law makes it illegal to…

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October 6 , 2016

Volvo Recall

The automobile maker, Volvo, is is issuing a recall on almost 44,000 thousand vehicles including both cars and SUVs. The…

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