January 6 , 2017

New OWI laws for 2017

It is no secret that drinking and driving is a serious issue. Most people have either been the victims of…

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January 4 , 2017

Helping your parent recover from nursing home abuse

As an adult child of an elderly parent in Kenosha, you've likely gone through many phases of adjustment after deciding…

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January 2 , 2017

New Wrong Way Driver Detection Devices Installed in Milwaukee Area

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, and puts not only those operating the vehicle at risk, but also passengers in…

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December 28 , 2016

Bear Found on Roadway in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for being home to woodland creatures. From deer to bears, Wisconsin has a plethora of woodland creatures…

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December 28 , 2016

Stroller Recall

The company, Aria Child has issued a recall on nearly 30,000 strollers. The recall comes after the discovery that the…

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December 26 , 2016

Lyft Driver Performs Act of Kindness for Passenger

Lyft, a ride service, is popular these days. Many people are booking rides with Lyft as opposed to hailing the…

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December 21 , 2016

Food Processor Recall

People tend to have a lot of gadgets to use in their kitchen. They have everything from electric can openers…

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December 19 , 2016

Macaroni and Cheese Recall

A favorite food of children has been recently been recalled. TreeHouse Foods, Inc. has recalled some of its macaroni and…

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December 14 , 2016

Drowsy Driving is Like Driving Drunk

AAA has been conducting research on the effects of driving while drowsy. They have completed studies on the topic in…

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