December 26 , 2016

Lyft Driver Performs Act of Kindness for Passenger

Lyft, a ride service, is popular these days. Many people are booking rides with Lyft as opposed to hailing the…

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December 21 , 2016

Food Processor Recall

People tend to have a lot of gadgets to use in their kitchen. They have everything from electric can openers…

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December 19 , 2016

Macaroni and Cheese Recall

A favorite food of children has been recently been recalled. TreeHouse Foods, Inc. has recalled some of its macaroni and…

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December 14 , 2016

Drowsy Driving is Like Driving Drunk

AAA has been conducting research on the effects of driving while drowsy. They have completed studies on the topic in…

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December 12 , 2016

Winter Weather Driving

Winter weather is rapidly approaching in Wisconsin. Winter in Wisconsin frequently involves very cold or freezing temperatures, wind, snow, sleet…

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December 7 , 2016

Recall of Ear and Teeth Homeopathic Products for Children

A recall has been issued from Raritan Pharmaceuticals on two of their products. These products are their homeopathic liquid ear…

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December 5 , 2016

Vehicle Catches Fire After Accident

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday party season is in full swing. Alcohol is served at many of these…

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November 30 , 2016

Man Arrested at McDonald’s for OWI

The McDonald's drive thru is often a popular place late at night for those traveling and wanting a snack or…

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November 28 , 2016

Problems with Care in Milwaukee County Jail

Since April 2016, there have been four deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail. These deaths happened happened after there were…

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