January 30 , 2017

Two Men Were Trapped in Vehicle After Avalanche

Sometimes completely unexpected things occur while driving in a vehicle. There is a wide variety of unexpected things that can…

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January 25 , 2017

Police Officer Saves Woman from Burning Vehicle

A scary event occurred recently when a woman from Washington became trapped in her car as it was engulfed in…

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January 23 , 2017

Vehicles Fall Through Ice in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for having cold winters usually filled with snow and ice. Because of the winter weather in Wisconsin,…

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January 18 , 2017

Rock Salt Lamps Recalled

With the holiday season coming to an end, many people have begun using the gifts that they received. One of…

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January 16 , 2017

Wrong-Way Driver Stopped by Police

On Wednesday, January 11th Police in Germantown, Wisconsin were alerted to a wrong-way driver on the roadway. The incident was…

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January 9 , 2017

Llama Found on Georgia Highway

Sometimes you see things that are completely unexpected when you are traveling. On January 5, 2016, people in Athens, Georgia…

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January 6 , 2017

New OWI laws for 2017

It is no secret that drinking and driving is a serious issue. Most people have either been the victims of…

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January 4 , 2017

Helping your parent recover from nursing home abuse

As an adult child of an elderly parent in Kenosha, you've likely gone through many phases of adjustment after deciding…

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January 2 , 2017

New Wrong Way Driver Detection Devices Installed in Milwaukee Area

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, and puts not only those operating the vehicle at risk, but also passengers in…

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