February 28 , 2021

Celebrating Attorney Michael J. Jassak & Cherie L. Tessmann

Today we celebrate Attorney Michael J. Jassak & Cherie L. Tessmann's five years with the firm. Thank you for all…

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February 13 , 2021


While the rideshare industry has taken a hit during the CoVid Era, like so many other businesses, Uber and Lyft…

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February 11 , 2021

What Are Some Tips for Safe Driving During the Winter?

With the winter months here, there will be plenty of snow, sleet, and ice on the roadways. These winter weather…

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February 4 , 2021

Where Did An Accident Involving a Pedestrian Occur?

Car accidents occur every day. Some car accidents involve pedestrians. When a car accident involves a pedestrian, the pedestrian is…

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February 2 , 2021

What Did a Vehicle Strike?

The winter has arrived in Wisconsin. With the arrival of winter also comes the arrival of winter weather. Winter weather…

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January 28 , 2021

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt by a Defective…

Defective automobiles and automobile parts hurt numerous people every single year. Serious and catastrophic accidents often occur due to manufacturer…

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January 27 , 2021

What Kind of Accident Happened on I-43?

Every year, over 100,000 car accidents occur in the state of Wisconsin. Car accidents can have serious consequences. Some of…

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January 25 , 2021

What Struck an Overpass on I-94?

Driving can be a hazardous activity. Further, driving becomes even more hazardous when it involves dangerous driving activities such as…

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January 21 , 2021

What Food Item Has Been Recalled?

We expect the products we buy and consume to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, sometimes products can…

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