July 9 , 2018

Summer Concert at the Oak Creek Community Center

The Oak Creek Community Center is hosting a summer concert! The summer concert is on Wednesday, July 11 and begins…

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July 6 , 2018

What Should You Do If You Have Property Damage Following…

Being in an automobile accident is scary enough, but the process of filing a property damage claim should not be.…

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July 4 , 2018

The Dangers of Speeding

While there are many dangerous things that can be done while driving, one dangerous activity that drivers may not think…

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July 2 , 2018

Oak Creek Farmers Market

Don't forget that Oak Creek has a weekly farmers market! The farmers market is held every Saturday June 2 through…

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June 29 , 2018

Lexus Recall

We hope that our motor vehicle will work well and help to protect us on the roadways. Unfortunately, that is…

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June 28 , 2018

Franklin Baseball Game

The Franklin High School Baseball Team has an upcoming game! The game is on Saturday, July 7th and begins at…

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June 27 , 2018

4th of July Traffic

When people think of the 4th of July, they often think of cook outs and fireworks. Something that people may…

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June 25 , 2018

Drexel Town Square Movie Night

Drexel Town Square is hosting a movie night! The movie night is on Friday, June 29th. They will be screening…

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June 22 , 2018

South Milwaukee Baseball Game

The South Milwaukee Baseball Team has an upcoming game! The game is on Thursday, June 28 and begins at 5:00…

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