January 24 , 2019

Scrabble Sundays at Franklin Public Library

The Franklin Public Library is hosting Scrabble Sundays! The Scrabble Sundays will be hosting on the first Sunday of every…

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January 23 , 2019

Movie Challenge Causes Accident

Sometimes movies inspire challenges based off of the plots. A recent movie that inspired a challenge was the Netflix film,…

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January 22 , 2019

Winter Brews Fest at Oak Creek Community Center

The Oak Creek Community Center is hosting a Winter Brews Fest! The event will take place on January 26th from…

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January 21 , 2019

School Bus Accident in Wisconsin

Unfortunately, car accidents happen. motor vehicle accidents can occur to any type of vehicle. Accidents are scary, and can lead…

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January 15 , 2019

South Milwaukee Boys and Girls Basketball Crossover

The South Milwaukee Boys and Girls Basketball Teams have upcoming games! The games are on Friday, January 18th and begin…

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January 14 , 2019

Has Uber Improved Safety Enough to Restart Self-Driving Vehicle Tests?

With major auto manufacturers developing self-driving vehicles, the future of the automotive industry is looking far more automated. However, as…

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January 14 , 2019

Wisconsin Fire Chief Killed in Accident

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. It puts not only the safety of the driver who is operating a vehicle…

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January 10 , 2019

Ford Recall

We expect the products and food we use and consume everyday to be safe, but unfortunately that is not always…

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January 7 , 2019

Oak Creek Boys Varsity Basketball Game

The Oak Creek High School Boys Basketball Team has an upcoming game! The game is on Friday, January 11th and…

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