February 14 , 2019

Franklin Boys Basketball Game

The Franklin Boys Basketball has an upcoming game! The game is on Tuesday, February 19th. The game is being held…

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February 13 , 2019

Pedestrian Struck on Wisconsin Freeway

The roadways can be a dangerous place. One of the most at risk groups on the roadways are pedestrians. Unfortunately,…

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February 11 , 2019

Tyson Chicken Nugget Recall

We expect the items we buy to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, that is not always the…

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February 11 , 2019

Oak Creek Winterfest

The City of Oak Creek is hosting a winter festival! The festival will be held on Saturday, February 16 from…

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February 7 , 2019

Fiat Chrysler Recall

When we purchase items or food products, we expect them to be safe for our consumption and use. Unfortunately, that…

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February 5 , 2019

Oak Creek to be Featured on Around the Corner with…

Oak Creek will be featured on an upcoming episode of Around the Corner with John McGivern! The episode is scheduled…

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February 4 , 2019

Driver Crashes on Way to Eye Doctor Appointment

Driving can be hazardous and can result in accidents. Because of the inherent risks of operating a motor vehicle drivers…

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January 30 , 2019

Officials Warn of Black Ice on Roads

The State of Wisconsin, and states all across the midwest will be experiencing extreme cold over the coming days. The…

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January 28 , 2019

Chicken Nugget Recall

We expect the products we purchase and consume to be safe. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Sometimes there…

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