December 16 , 2021

Can Wisconsin Malpractice Lawyers Obtain Compensation for a Botched Surgery?

All medical malpractice cases, like other negligence claims, begin with a duty of care. Doctors have a fiduciary duty. That’s…

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November 22 , 2021

Do Photos Help Your Wisconsin Car Accident Case?

Twenty years ago, the answer to this question was probably “yes, but only a little.” Typically, jurors had to view…

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November 22 , 2021

We Welcome Attorney Frankie J. Ovando To Martin Law

We are happy to announce that Attorney Frankie J. Ovando has joined our firm! "I am thrilled to be back…

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November 11 , 2021

How Wisconsin Dog Bite Laws Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Almost everything has changed significantly over the past 20 years, and dog bite settlement amounts are no exception. In fact,…

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October 27 , 2021

How Common Are Car Accidents with Serious Injuries in Wisconsin?

Today’s trucks and cars are much safer than the ones which roamed Wisconsin highways and byways in the 1990s. Yet…

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October 12 , 2021

What Are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims?

Every year, millions of people are killed or seriously injured in accidents that were not their fault. If negligence, or…

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September 22 , 2021

How to File a Denial of Benefits Claim With an…

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts once wrote that “The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 is an…

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September 15 , 2021

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Slip and Fall Accidents On…

Theoretically, yes. The insurance company usually pays for any slip and fall claim that occurs on your property, whether or…

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September 9 , 2021

False Imprisonment and Nursing Home Neglect in Wisconsin

At first blush, these two torts, false imprisonment, and nursing home neglect appear to have almost nothing in common. But…

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