April 29 , 2020

Martin Law Office, S.C. is Sponsoring a Mother’s Day $100.00…

During these uncertain times, it's even more important to celebrate mothers on May 10th. To help celebrate mothers, Martin Law…

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April 28 , 2020

Recent Hit-and-Run Accident in Milwaukee

The spring time has arrived in Wisconsin. With the arrival of spring and nicer weather, there will be an increase…

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April 22 , 2020

What Hazardous Driving Behavior is Occurring?

With many states under stay at home orders because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant reduction in…

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April 18 , 2020

What Did a Vehicle Strike in Milwaukee?

Driving can be a hazardous activity. Sometimes driving results in motor vehicle accidents. When a motor vehicle accident occurs it…

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April 16 , 2020

What Kind of Accident Happened in Waukesha County?

The weather has begun to get nicer in Wisconsin. With the return of the warmer weather, there typically tends to…

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April 11 , 2020

What Kind of Accident Happened in Pleasant Prairie?

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin. With nicer weather, there are more people out and about engaging in outdoor activities such…

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April 10 , 2020

What is the Latest Nissan Recall?

There are many products that we buy and consume every day. When we obtain these products, we expect them to…

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April 2 , 2020

What Kind of Accident Happened on I-43?

Driving can be a hazardous activity. Every day accidents happen on the roadways in Wisconsin. These accidents can result in…

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March 31 , 2020

Why Should You Be Careful About Your Social Media Posts?

For many people, social media is a part of their everyday life. Common social media websites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

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