June 29 , 2020

Where Was There a Series of Accidents?

As the temperatures across the state increase, usually the amount of traffic increases as well. With increased amounts of traffic…

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June 23 , 2020

Which Annual Driving Campaign is Beginning?

There are many things that can make driving more hazardous and increase the chances of being injured in the event…

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June 22 , 2020

Martin Law Office Continues to Support Hunger Task Force During…

As the fight against COVID 19 continues, the attorneys and staff at Martin Law Office wish to express their profound…

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June 21 , 2020

What is the Latest Food Recall?

We expect the products that we buy and consume to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, that is…

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June 18 , 2020

Oak Creek Public Library Summer Reading Challenge

Looking for a fun activity this summer? The Oak Creek Public Library is having a summer reading challenge! The reading…

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June 17 , 2020

What is the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Warning Motorists About?

The summer is finally arriving in Wisconsin after a long winter. With the arrival of summer, also comes the arrival…

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June 16 , 2020

Martin Law Office, S.C. is Sponsoring a $100 Target Gift…

Martin Law Office is hoping to help someone start off their 4th of July holiday weekend with a bang by…

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June 15 , 2020

What Kind of Accident Happened in Richfield?

Driving can be a hazardous activity. Sometimes drivers encounter unexpected things on the roadways. Because driving can be hazardous, it…

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June 10 , 2020

What Contributed to an Accident in Milwaukee?

There are many activities that if engaged in while driving pose hazards and can increase the likelihood of a motor…

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