Insurance Disputes & Bad Faith

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insurance disputes and bad faith

When insurance disputes arise because an insurance company denies benefits, the insured may have a claim for wrongful denial of insurance benefits. These claims include the wrongful denial of health insurance, wrongful denial of disability insurance, wrongful denial of liability insurance, wrongful denial of underinsured motorist coverage, wrongful denial of uninsured motorist coverage, and others.

When an insurance company has no reasonable basis for denying insurance coverage, then the insured may have a claim for bad faith against the insurance company. Insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing. Violating that duty gives rise to a bad faith claim. The attorneys at Martin Law Office, S.C. have represented countless individuals in insurance disputes and bad faith claims.

  • Wrongful denial of coverage
  • Refusal to pay claim
  • Canceling of policy
  • Fire insurance
  • Life insurance and disability
  • Coverage disputes

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