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Every day in Wisconsin, hundreds of people are involved in auto accidents — unfortunately, some are even killed. Typically, an individual would be responsible for these accidents, but what happens when a person was not driving the car? In recent years, the popularity of self-driving cars has grown and continues to be on the rise. If you sustain injuries in a car crash, you are facing not only a painful recovery, but also the potential of thousands of dollars in medical bills. In a normal accident, you may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for these losses through the at-fault driver’s insurance. However, with self-driving cars, the company behind the wheel may try to deny responsibility, this is where an experienced self-driving car accident lawyer will come into play.

Finding an attorney that you can trust with your case is tough. He or she must be someone who empathizes with you and understands how to aggressively pursue justice especially when the at-fault party is not clear. At Martin Law Office, our Wisconsin self-driving car accident attorneys combine both legal and medical experience to deliver proper representation that produces positive results. We represent drivers, passengers and pedestrians who have been injured by self-driving cars and their makers.

Are Autonomous Vehicles on the Road Today?

Not many people realize that we have had self-driving — or “autonomous” — cars on our roads for years. These kinds of cars are typically made by luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus and Tesla. Usually, these features are offered as part of premium packages, but available to a typical high-end consumer. If you keep an eye out for advertisements, you will see autonomous cars parallel parking, applying the brakes prior to an impending collision or even performing course corrections. Even these small adjustments are considered “self-driving” and can impact how a case is viewed in the event of injury.

These assistance-based features may not seem to differ from something as simple as cruise control, but they use unique sensors that a fully autonomous vehicle utilizes to predict the behavior of other drivers. Both Google and Tesla have fully automated vehicles that they are testing on the freeways and suburbs of Silicon Valley. Due to this testing, legislators are creating a set of laws that will govern these driverless cars. These laws could affect your case as well.

Who Is Financially Liable in a Self-Driving Car Accident?

The theory of autonomous cars alone raises several moral and often unanswerable questions. What happens if a pedestrian or obstacle unexpectedly comes before the vehicle? Does it swerve to avoid the obstacle in its path or does it protect its passengers? In both cases, someone could be injured, yet one of the two must occur. When the car makes the decision, is the driver or the programmer responsible for its actions?

Additionally, because self-driving technology is such a recent invention, specific laws and regulations are just now beginning to address the issue — especially in Wisconsin. The problem may be the software itself, in which case liability falls to the developer. Additionally, liability may lie with the hardware, in which case the manufacturer would need to take responsibility. Then, there is always the possibility of user error, where the driver incorrectly uses the automated software. There are many possible ways liability is discerned and delegated. With a complicated system of determining fault, you need an experienced self-driving car accident lawyer when pursuing legal action involving an autonomous vehicle.

When Do I Need a Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer?

The self-driving car accident lawyers at Martin Law Office have been following the development of self-driving vehicle technology since it emerged. We are more than prepared to navigate the legal process following an accident involving a driverless car. Victims of any motor vehicle accident — even those not involving another driver — may be entitled to compensation to cover their losses. You may be eligible to recover lost wages, medical costs (including in-home healthcare), cost of disability and a diminished quality of life.

Life after any accident is never easy. Most people are not prepared for the extensive medical or automotive bills. If an accident prevents you from working, you then have no income with which to pay these bills. Your life has been disturbed, changing drastically without warning or a way to prepare. However, there is something that you can do: You can act against the liable parties for the hardships you are now facing. Contact the experienced legal team at Martin Law Office today to begin the process of recovery.

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