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Why do we get checkups? To learn whether we have a problem in need of attention. When a doctor or other diagnostician fails to identify when a serious problem is present, great harm is done to the patient. In cases of progressive conditions, failure to diagnose in a timely manner can dramatically shorten the patient’s life.

Statistics on misdiagnosis and failure to treat in a timely fashion are hard to pin down. Some conditions resolve on their own. Often, patients move away or change doctors or they die. But no one denies these are the most common reasons malpractice suits are filed.

At Martin Law Office, S.C., in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, we have represented scores of people who have been misdiagnosed with such time-sensitive malignant conditions as lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, and ovarian cancer.

In addition, we obtain compensation for patients who were misdiagnosed or diagnosed only afterward for diabetes, tuberculosis, heart attack, stroke, appendicitis, meningitis, and other acute problems.

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n our practice we work with analytical experts and economists to put a dollar figure on the cost of failure to diagnose in your case or in your deceased loved one’s case. These numbers are small consolation in the loss of a loved one. But we work hard to deliver maximum compensation for medical bills, time lost from work, and the support and affection that you can no longer draw upon.

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