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As parents and Oak Creek birth injury attorneys, we understand that no injury is as disheartening as a serious injury suffered at the time of birth. A moment of enormous joy is suddenly riddled with worry and disbelief.

It is far too common, given our technology and the skills of health care providers, for babies to have trouble getting oxygen, to suffer brain damage, to experience brachial plexus injuries, cerebral palsy, or shoulder dystocia during the birth process. Mothers also are seriously harmed from hemorrhage, vaginal tears, improper suturing, and improperly managing pre-eclampsia and infections.

Failure To Diagnose And Treat | Failure Of Timely Delivery

Medical malpractice attorney Kevin Martin of Oak Creek represents families in cases of preventable birth injuries, to both the mother and the child. We file cases against whatever party failed to meet an expected level of care in the birth of the child. The physician may have been negligent, or nurses, anesthesiologists, drug makers, hospital birth centers, and other parties participating in the birth.

As a former intensive care unit nurse himself, attorney Kevin Martin has great respect for the difficult work Wisconsin’s providers do, day after day. Nevertheless, when physicians and others do not perform to the level that is reasonably expected of them, families are entitled to compensation. They benefit greatly from a lawyer who knows both sides of the medical world, who knows what goes on in maternity wards and what constitutes an expectable level of care.

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