DUI Related Accidents

Seeking Justice For Victims Of Drunk Drivers And DUI Related Accidents

Every year, dozens of people in Wisconsin are injured or killed by drunk drivers in DUI related accidents. What isn’t expressed, however, is the emotional, physical and financial turmoil that occurs in the aftermath of a car crash involving the use of alcohol or drugs. At Martin Law Office, S.C., attorney Kevin Martin provides clients with the compassion they need, and he is determined to seek justice on behalf of those who are injured by others’ negligence.

Impairment Occurs Under The Legal Limit

In many cases, alcohol impairment can occur well below the legal blood alcohol content limit of .08 percent. Studies have shown that drivers with a BAC of just .05 percent struggle with depth perception, the ability to remain in their lane and cognitive thought processes, which affect safe driving practices.

Older drivers too, have been found to be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol at a faster rate. Studies have shown that just one drink containing alcohol can affect their driving skills, putting others around them at risk.

Wisconsin’s Dram Shop Law

Wisconsin’s Dram Shop Law generally waives liability for owners and servers in bars and restaurants who serve alcohol to someone who then causes a car crash. However, there are some important exceptions. If the offending driver was under the legal drinking age and was served alcohol at a bar, the bartender or owner could be held responsible for their actions.

In other instances, the person serving alcohol can be held liable for any deception that contributed to a car crash, such as serving alcohol by force or lying about the contents of a drink. In our investigation, our lawyer will look at all contributing causes of your crash and determine if this law applies.

Helping You Recover With Compassion

Here at the Martin Law Office, S.C., we understand monetary compensation cannot truly undo the pain and suffering caused as a result of a collision. However, we do believe that justice and a compassionate legal support system can greatly assist you in both your physical and emotional recovery. Call us at 414-856-4010 or contact us.

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