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Hit By A Car While Riding Your Bike?

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Our Oak Creek Wisconsin bike accident lawyers know that when accidents occur, the bicyclist always gets the worst of it. Bikers are extremely vulnerable to altercations with motor vehicles. These are among the most common and most serious personal injuries. Victims of accidents may be unable to work or ride a bike again. Fatal accidents are not uncommon.

A large proportion of bicycle accidents cause injuries in kids. The law takes a very dim view of hitting a child on a bike, even when the child contributes to the accident in some way. Drivers are obliged to be on the lookout, at all times, for cyclists. “I didn’t see the bicyclist” is never an effective defense. In cases of kids on bikes hit by cars, Martin Law Office, S.C., looks for maximum compensation for victims.

Serving Victims Of Negligence In Racine County And Milwaukee County

If you file a claim for compensation for an auto accident or bicycle accident, you will need a personal injury lawyer. Bicycle injury cases often turn on the issue of who was at fault in the accident. The insurance company will try to assert that the accident was entirely your fault. Oftentimes the biker does have some degree of responsibility for the accident. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Martin Law Office in Oak Creek can establish fault in even the most ambiguous cases, and obtain proper compensation for you despite contributory fault.

Driver negligence in bike accidents can be many things: ignoring a stop sign or light, drifting into the bike lane, turning without signaling, or driving too fast. When negligence is extreme, it crosses over into recklessness. Reckless driving opens the driver up to the possibility of punitive damages, which can double or triple the total compensation amount.

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