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How Our Oak Creek Injury Law Firm Helps Personal Injury Victims Throughout Wisconsin

At Martin Law Office, S.C., our Wisconsin personal injury lawyers are dedicated to serving our community with compassionate, zealous, and knowledgeable legal representation. Whether you need a South Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney or a truck crash lawyer in Greenfield, we are ready to help with your legal needs. We offer a wide variety of legal services from our Oak Creek personal injury law firm.

Personal Injury

A quality Wisconsin personal injury lawyer should give you confidence that your case is in good hands. No one who has suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party should have to stress over the handling of their claim. The experience and success of our law firm prove that our attorneys know how to treat your lawsuit with the care it deserves. Our high-quality representation for your personal injuries also includes:

Auto Accidents

We also have experience helping the victims of auto accidents recover compensation for their losses. Our compassionate and friendly service is appreciated by our clients, yet we stand strong when faced with insurance companies that would try to deny your claim. For those who were injured by the negligent or reckless actions of another driver, we offer you a chance to pursue justice. The automotive crashes our Oak Creek Personal Injury law firm can help you with include:

Nursing Home Abuse

Martin Law Office, S.C. also stands tall against the victimization of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable. Our elders are a treasure who have spent their lives building a world that can be enjoyed by our families and friends. So, when they retire to a nursing home, they should be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, there are some nursing home workers who take advantage of the elderly, subjecting them to verbal, physical, and financial abuse. In some instances, nursing facilities may also fail to give the proper care that their residents deserve. When this happens, our Wisconsin nursing home abuse lawyers are ready to act and help set things right.

Premises Liabilities

The safety of an apartment complex, mall, amusement park, swimming pool, or other business is the responsibility of property owners and managers. If they fail to maintain the measures of safety required by Wisconsin law, then they could be held liable for the injuries and damages that result. Our premises liability attorneys are prepared to investigate the situation, gather the evidence, and present your claim. We fight hard to obtain the maximum amount of compensation when you have been injured by a property owner’s negligence. We also provide legal representation to victims who have been injured in incidents such as:

Wrongful Death

No one can prepare for the devastation caused by a fatal accident. That pain is further magnified when it is discovered that such an accident was due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. That pain and hurt may seem overwhelming, but the wrongful death lawyers at Martin Law Office, S.C. are here to help with that burden. We help families rebuild their lives by pursuing the compensation they are due after a loved one is lost due to an avoidable accident. Money cannot replace the loved one that you lost, but it can help balance household expenses, funeral costs, and other bills. Do not face the challenges of a wrongful death alone. Our Wisconsin fatal accident attorneys can handle any type of wrongful death claim, including those arising from:

Insurance Disputes

The attorneys at Martin Law Office, S.C. also handle insurance disputes, including wrongful denial of benefits. Our insurance law attorneys can help overturn the decision of an insurance company when they deny disability claims, long term disability benefits, short term disability benefits, life insurance benefits, and health insurance benefits:

Medical Malpractice

Our founder, Kevin R. Martin, is the only AV Preeminent Rated personal injury lawyer in our state who is also a registered nurse. That gives him extra insight into your injuries and how they were sustained. This experience can be advantageous when dealing with doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities that are refusing to admit fault for your injuries. The medical malpractice issues our law firm handles consists of but is not limited to:

Want to Learn More About Our Oak Creek Law Firm?

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has the answers to many of your personal injury law questions. We also offer free consultations to help injury victims explore solutions to their cases. Consulting one of our friendly and dedicated Oak Creek personal injury attorneys is as easy as visiting our contact page or calling us at 414-856-4010. Cases are accepted on a contingency basis, so we do not charge upfront fees. If your case is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.

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