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The following video is about Ronald Turner, a client of Martin Law Office, S.C. Mr. Turner is a decorated Vietnam War hero. Mr. Turner enlisted in the United States Navy and was initially a Yeoman aboard the USS Conway. Mr. Turner went on to become a Navy SEAL. His courageous service earned him the Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Combat Badge and numerous unit and in-country citations.

Mr. Turner hired Atty. Kevin Martin to represent him in a nursing home neglect case. The result was a $950,000 settlement from the insurance company for the nursing home. Here are his thoughts about Atty. Martin and Martin Law Office, S.C.:

Michelle’s story: $470,000 verdict for auto accident

Michelle was injured in a motor vehicle accident when a driver ran a red light, causing Michelle’s vehicle to t-bone the other car. Michelle put her hands up to brace for impact and the airbag deployed in her hands. Michelle’s wrists were hurt, but the extent of her injuries did not become known until nearly a year after the accident. During that first year, Michelle tried to work in her profession as an aesthetician but struggled because of the pain in her wrists. When medications and therapy failed to stop the pain, Michelle had an MRI that revealed damage to her cartilage and ligaments. During the next 18 months, Michelle needed four surgeries to correct the damage to her wrists. During this time, she was without work despite applying for any job that would help her family. The insurance company hired a doctor to say that Michelle’s injuries were because of her work as an aesthetician. Michelle’s treating surgeon said that the injuries were due to the accident.

Michelle’s case went to trial in Milwaukee County in November 2011 with Kevin serving as her attorney. The most memorable part of the case was when Kevin asked Michelle on the stand what she wanted from the jury. Being a single mother of two children who was out of work because of the accident, Michelle answered simply, “I just want to take care of my family.”

The jury agreed with Michelle and her doctor and told the insurance company they were responsible for paying Michelle’s $82,000 in past medical expenses; $121,000 in past lost wages; $80,000 so Michelle could be retrain in a new career; $125,000 for past pain, suffering and disability; and $62,000 for future pain, suffering and disability. The total verdict was $470,000. Kevin held Michelle’s hand as she cried tears of relief when the verdict was read. Many of the jurors hugged Michelle after the case and gave her best wishes for her future.

This result was published in the Wisconsin Law Journal on December 6, 2011.

Ralph and Shirley’s story: $466,000 medical malpractice settlement

Shirley was admitted to the hospital with dehydration. After recovering, Shirley was ready to be discharged and go home. After Shirley was seated in a wheelchair and while her husband was waiting in the car, a nurse pulled out the central venous catheter used to provide her with intravenous fluid in a whip-like fashion. This is not the way nurses are taught to remove these types of catheters because of the potential for injury.

Immediately upon removal of the catheter, Shirley stood up and suffered a stroke in her daughter’s arms. Shirley died a few days later from the stroke, leaving behind her husband, Ralph, of more than 50 years.

The case was filed in Waukesha County with Kevin as the family’s attorney and settled for $466,000. This included an award for Ralph’s lost society and companionship (known as the wrongful death claim), Shirley’s human damages (known as her pain, suffering and disability) and Shirley’s medical and funeral bills. Part of this money was used to reimburse Medicare, as it was the hospital’s negligence that caused Shirley to incur $73,000 in medical expenses, which the taxpayers should not have to be responsible for paying.

This case was published in the Wisconsin Law Journal on December 6, 2011.

Don’s story: $653,412 verdict for motorcycle accident

Don was returning home after watching a movie. For the trip home, Don was riding his motorcycle, wearing both a helmet and safety glasses. At the intersection of Racine Ave. and Apollo Dr. in Muskego, just blocks from Don’s home, a man driving an SUV with a boat in tow failed to yield the right of way to Don by turning into Don’s path. Don collided with the passenger side of the SUV, slid down the side of the SUV, collided with the boat, slid down the side of the boat and came to rest on the pavement at the end of the boat. Don was taken from the scene by Flight for Life to Froedtert Hospital where he was diagnosed with bleeding in his brain, multiple facial fractures, multiple facial lacerations, severe damage to his left eye including paralysis of his iris, two fractured teeth, a fractured left clavicle and multiple burns and abrasions. The injury to Don’s left eye was permanent, as was the scarring from the burns.

The insurance company attempted to settle the case with a low-ball offer. Don’s case went to trial in Waukesha County in April 2011 with Kevin as his attorney. The jury sided with Don and his treating physicians by awarding him $68,640 in past medical expenses; $60,000 in future medical expenses for treatment for his eye and scars; $8,499 in past wage loss; $250,000 for past human damages, known as pain, suffering, disability and disfigurement; and $100,000 for future human damages. The jury also awarded Don’s wife $75,800 for past loss of consortium (the negative impact the injuries had on their marriage) and $14,200 for the nursing services she provided to Don while he was at home.

Because of the insurance company’s delay in paying Don’s claim in a timely fashion, $76,271 was added for costs and interest. The total award was $653,412.

This case was published in the Wisconsin Law Journal on May 18, 2011.

Frank’s story: $425,000 settlement for auto accident

Frank went to the Sports Show at the State Fair Park with his brother and friends. Frank was enjoying his semi-retirement (he worked part time as a driver for a local car dealership). On the way home, Frank’s vehicle was rear-ended by a driver who was simply not paying attention. As a result of the collision, Frank suffered injuries to his cervical spine (neck) and lumbar spine (low back). Frank needed three surgeries to correct the injuries to his spine.

The insurance company attempted to settle the case with a low-ball offer. Frank’s case was filed in Milwaukee County with Kevin representing him. Prior to trial, the case settled for $425,000. Part of this money was used to reimburse Medicare, as it was the driver’s negligence that caused Frank to incur more than $100,000 in medical bills, which the taxpayers should not have to be responsible for paying.

This case was published in the Wisconsin Law Journal on September 14, 2010.

Bernadette’s story: $104,000 verdict for auto accident 

Bernadette was driving to her hair appointment when an unlicensed driver failed to yield the right of way to her at an intersection by turning left in her path. The vehicles collided corner to corner. Prior to this collision, Bernadette suffered from a long history of back pain. Because of this history, Bernadette was more susceptible to being injured in an automobile collision. Bernadette injured her back and needed therapy to get back to her baseline.

The insurance company attempted to settle the case with a low-ball offer. Bernadette’s case was filed in Racine County with Kevin representing her. The case was tried to a jury in September 2009. The jury sided with Bernadette and awarded her past medical expenses, past lost wages and human damages, known as pain, suffering, disability and disfigurement.

This case was published in the Wisconsin Law Journal in November 2009. This case also resulted in a letter sent by the foreman of the jury expressing his admiration of Kevin’s trial advocacy. Please see our Testimonials Page for that letter.

Although results in one case are not a predictor of the same result in a similar case, Martin Law Office, S.C. uses the experience of past cases to better serve our clients.

Karri’s Story: $934,000 verdict for auto accident

Karri was involved in a motor vehicle accident on September 29, 2011. Her car was rear-ended in a five-car collision. Karri sought Atty. Kevin Martin because of her past medical history. For 18-months before the accident, Karri was treating with a primary care physician, chiropractor and pain management physician for low back pain caused by a bulging disc.
The accident caused a change in Karri’s condition. Immediately after the accident, her low back pain now radiated into her left foot. An MRI revealed that her disc had herniated. Non-operative treatment failed and Karri needed two operations to correct the herniated disc.

Not surprisingly, the insurance company for the driver who caused the accident did not want to accept that there was a change. The insurance company argued and hired doctors to try to prove that Karri suffered only a muscle strain that healed 2-6 weeks after the accident.

This is where Kevin’s experience as a nurse and board-certified trial lawyer came to bear. During a four-day jury trial, Kevin used medical illustrations and the testimony of Karri’s spine surgeon, pain management physician and chiropractor to prove that the accident caused a herniated disc. The jury verdict was for $934,000, including $200,000 in past medical expenses, $19,000 in lost wages, $250,000 in past pain and suffering, $265,000 in future medical expenses and $200,000 in future pain and suffering.

Disclaimer: This information is based on published and publicly available information. It is based on the initial settlement and/or jury verdict/ judgment paid to a plaintiff or family. The results depend on the facts of each case.

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