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December 5 , 2023 | Car Accident Lawyer

Thousands of people are injured in Wisconsin car accidents annually, and approximately 600 are killed. If you have injuries from a car accident, you could face an agonizing recovery and thousands in expenses. Plus, you could be out of work for months. That is why it is vital to be represented by excellent Wisconsin car accident lawyers after a severe accident. Learn below what top lawyers for car crashes can do for you, and then speak to our attorneys at Martin Law for more information.

Lawyers Represent And Protect Your Legal Rights

When you retain a Wisconsin attorney to represent you in a car crash case, that person is now your legal representative and protects your rights. One of the first things they will do is call the other party’s insurance company and tell them you have an attorney. From that point, the insurance company must deal with your attorney, not you. This saves you time and stress, but there is more. Your attorney also will protect your rights because they know how to provide information to the insurance company without damaging your case.

For example, the at-fault party’s insurance company will probably want your statement about the car accident. You should never give a statement to the insurance company for the other driver yourself. Anything you say can be used to undermine your case. After all, you are not an attorney and may not know how words can be twisted against you. Your car accident attorney will work with you to provide a statement about your side of events that does not compromise the claim.

If the insurance provider wants to review your medical records, your attorney can review the request.

Of course, if you get a settlement offer, your attorney will review it and make sure it is fair. If the offer is insufficient, your attorney will make a counteroffer. Your attorney is experienced with insurance negotiations and will continue negotiating to get you the best deal. They also can take the case to a jury if insurance negotiations stall.

Lawyers Fully Investigate The Case

Your top Wisconsin lawyer will also review the accident and case evidence. Not only will they go over photos, police records, and witness statements, they also may use outside experts. They may recreate the crash scene if there are doubts about liability or how it happened. Your attorney is only paid if you are, so they will go to all lengths to prove liability.

Lawyers Assess Your Damages

Most injured parties only consider their current medical bills and lost earnings after an accident. But when your attorney builds your claim, they will look at how the injuries could affect you – now and in the future. Your attorney will think about current and future medical treatments, how your condition affects your ability to earn a living, and the emotional toll of the accident.

After considering all damages, your attorney will determine the full extent of your economic losses.. You can assume that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will not help you here, so it is best to hire an excellent car accident attorney to handle the matter.

Lawyers Help You Receive Fair Compensation

A Wisconsin lawyer for car accidents at Martin Law can do a great deal to help you. After a severe car crash, you could have piles of medical bills and be unable to work. Many injured parties want compensation for their current medical bills and lost wages, as well as in the future. Your car accident lawyer can hold the at-fault party liable for your losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Remember, big auto insurance companies handle most car accident claims. The insurance company wants to resolve your case for as little money as possible. Our attorneys at Martin Law will not allow this to happen. Our Oak Creek, Wisconsin, auto accident attorneys are well-known in the state for getting fair compensation for our clients. With our efforts, you could receive compensation for:

  • ER care
  • Medical bills and related expenses
  • Psychological and physical rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income – current and future
  • Long-term disability
  • Scarring and physical disfigurement

Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, are often a part of serious car accident settlements.. A skilled attorney will fight for compensation for your pain and suffering. This number is subjective. The insurance company will likely say your pain is worth less, but our attorneys will use available medical evidence as well as expert witnesses, if needed, to advocate for the most money for your mental and physical suffering.

Hiring A Top Wisconsin Lawyer For Car Crashes Is Affordable

The benefits of hiring a car accident attorney sound appealing, but what is the cost? It is logical to wonder about what hiring an attorney will cost you.

Most auto accident attorneys, including those at Martin Law Office, accept car accident cases on a contingency basis. This means you are not charged by our office upfront for our services. Instead, we are compensated by your settlement or verdict award, and we are only paid if you are.

Speak To Our Wisconsin Car Accident Lawyers

If you were hurt in a car accident, it is risky to handle your case yourself. Large insurance companies spend large sums to protect their interests and pay injured parties as little as possible. Our Wisconsin car accident lawyers at Martin Law work hard to facilitate the best payout for our clients. Call us today at (414) 856-4010 for a free case consultation. Our attorneys will represent you in all insurance company discussions and take the claim as far as possible to maximize your compensation.