How To Guard Against Slip And Fall Accidents In Winter

November 7 , 2023 | Slip and Fall

As winter approaches in Wisconsin, it is an excellent time to think about avoiding accidents in the ice and snow. For many, mishaps in winter weather occur on the roads in motor vehicle accidents, but slip-and-fall accidents also cause their share of serious injuries. Learn in this article how you can help guard against slip and fall mishaps in winter in Wisconsin and how to potentially obtain compensation if you are injured in a slip and fall incident.

 If you have already been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you may be wondering if you could receive compensation for your injuries. Our Wisconsin slip and fall lawyers at Martin Law Office, S.C. may be able to assist. Please call (414) 856-4010 for a free consultation. Our attorneys are experienced in many slip-and-fall cases involving winter weather, wet floors, uneven pavement, faulty railings, loose tiles, unmarked steps, and more.

Can You Obtain Compensation In A Wisconsin Slip And Fall Case?

Whether you can obtain compensation depends on whether another person or entity was responsible for the accident that injured you. Suppose you fell in a rental property or business and injured your ankle. The landlord or owner is not necessarily liable for your injuries because you slipped and fell on their property. Wisconsin has a comparative negligence law, so proving fault in a slip and fall case is critical to obtain compensation.

Proving fault in a slip and fall case in Wisconsin means proving that the property owner owed you a duty of care. Second, you must prove that they breached their duty and you suffered harm. A breach of duty may be proved by showing: 

  • The owner caused the hazardous condition that caused your slip and fall.
  • The owner was aware of the danger and did not repair the hazard.  
  • The owner was unaware but should have been aware of a hazard and did not fix the hazard.

It can be challenging to prove whether or not the owner was aware or should have been aware of the dangerous condition. That is why retaining an experienced slip-and-fall attorney early in your case is essential.

How To Avoid Winter Slip And Fall Accidents

If you have already been hurt in a slip and fall accident, a personal injury attorney can review your case to determine if you could receive compensation. However, you can help avoid getting injured in the first place if you remember these winter safety tips:

Wear Good Footwear

If you plan to be out in the ice and snow, having a good pair of boots with ample grip and support is essential. Another option is to buy snow grips for the bottoms of boots or shoes.

Easy Does It

Just when driving in snow and ice, walking in slick weather should be done slowly and carefully. You should not be in a rush when walking where it could be slippery. Pay more attention than usual to your steps and walk with care.

Take Advantage Of Assistance

Consider using handrails, a cane, or a walker when walking in snowy or icy weather.

Keep Hands Free

In cold Wisconsin weather, wear gloves to warm your hands. Also, keep your hands out of your pockets to maintain your balance if you fall.  Put your cell phone away when walking in slippery weather to minimize distractions.

Step Down From Your Vehicle And Not Out

When getting out of your car, swing your legs out and put them flat on the ground before trying to stand. Using both feet will provide more stability and grip than being on one foot in bad weather.

Take Shorter Steps

Taking smaller steps, sometimes almost side to side can help to keep your center of gravity when the ground is slick and icy. Use small steps and waddle a bit like a penguin to keep your balance.

Stay Indoors

If you do not have to be outside in wintry weather, take the day off and stay inside.

What Should You Do If You Start To Fall?

It is common for people to injure themselves when trying to stop a fall. If you feel like you are falling, do not try to stop yourself with your arms and hands; this can lead to worse injuries. Instead, attempt to take the fall on your rear.. This distributes the force more evenly over your body, and injuries can sometimes be avoided. If you do fall, wait for assistance in case you are injured. Unfortunately, people sometimes hurt themselves worse by jumping up immediately after a fall instead of waiting for assistance.

When Should You See A Doctor?

If you had a slip and fall, how do you know if you should go to the doctor? Pain, bruising, and swelling are things to watch for. If you see these things and the area is tender, you may want to visit your doctor. Also, if your ability to move without pain is affected, you should see your physician. Then, you should speak to a slip-and-fall lawyer to determine if you have a case. 

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