Things You Can Do To Help Win Your Personal Injury Case

September 4 , 2023 | Personal Injuruy Lawyer

A severe injury can leave you with thousands in medical bills, no income, and unable to live life as you once did. If someone else caused the accident, you may be eligible to file a claim for damages under Wisconsin law. A personal injury attorney may help you receive compensation for your losses, and there are things you can do to help your claim. Learn more about personal injury cases in this article, and if you have questions, please contact our Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Martin Law Office, S.C. today. 

Respond To Your Attorney

It is essential for the success of your case to get back to your attorney when they attempt to contact you.

Go The Doctor After The Accident

A common mistake after a car accident is not going to the doctor immediately. Many of us do not want to bother going to the doctor and might think we are ok when we are not. You may not feel pain after a car accident, but you may notice you are injured as the days pass.

 Connecting the injuries to the accident may be more challenging if you did not go to the doctor after the accident. The other party’s insurance company will notice that you did not go to the doctor immediately and they will ask why.

You can help your attorney get the most money in a settlement or verdict by going to the doctor promptly after the accident. Your doctor will find any injuries you have and note in your medical record that they relate to the accident.

Go To Your Doctor’s Appointments

One of the keys to winning your case is proving that you have injuries from the accident that require treatment and recovery. You must attend your doctor’s appointments and follow the treatment plan. If you miss appointments and do not make them up, the insurance company or adjuster will conclude that your injuries are not severe. This may impair your potential recovery. Make sure that you reschedule any doctor’s appointment you miss.

Help With The Discovery Process

If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. If that happens, the defendant will send your attorney written questions called interrogatories and document requests. Your attorney will send these information requests to you. You must answer all interrogatories promptly and give your attorney all requested documents and other information. The case could be dismissed if you do not provide this information promptly.

Preserve Evidence

Your attorney will collect evidence as soon as they are on the case. But you can help your attorney by collecting and preserving evidence right after the accident. If you were in a car accident and are physically able, take pictures of the accident scene, vehicle damage, your injuries, and anything else you think of that can help the case. It can help your case to take photos right after the accident before the vehicles are moved. 

Never Talk To The Defendant’s Insurance Company

Insurance companies are notorious for contacting the plaintiff and getting them to say something that hurts their claim. For example, the other driver’s insurance provider may call you after a car accident and ask how you are doing. They also may request to record you and hear your side of what happened. There is nothing to gain from talking to their insurance company, it will only undermine your case. They will attempt to twist what you say against you.

So, if the insurance company calls you, just tell them you have a lawyer and to call them..

Be Careful Posting On Social Media

Attorneys do not like it when their clients post on social media while a personal injury case is ongoing. Many things you post on social media could be used against you during negotiations or a trial. If you post on Facebook that you are going on vacation or going for a walk, the insurance company could find out. They could argue that if you are injured, you cannot do those things.

Even if your social media channels are private, the insurance company can still find out what you post. It is best to stay off social media until the case is finalized. 

Tell The Truth

Everyone wants to get the most in their personal injury settlement. Some might be tempted to leave things out of their version of events that hurt their claim. This is a bad idea. You should always be truthful with all stakeholders about what happened in the accident.

For example, some car accidents have more than one person at fault. You could be partly responsible for the accident but neglected to tell your attorney this vital information. The other driver’s insurance provider will contest liability and argue that you were partially at fault.

It is critical to tell your attorney everything about your case, including anything good and bad. Telling your attorney the weak parts of the case early on gives them time to deal with the information and adjust the legal strategy. Wisconsin is a comparative negligence state, and you can still receive compensation in a personal injury case if you were partially at fault for the accident.

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