How To Protect Yourself When Spring Brings More Car Accidents

April 10 , 2023 | Car Accident Lawyer

Research suggests there are more accidents in the Milwaukee area during springtime. As more drivers get on the road and outdoor activities increase, more traffic and auto accidents occur. If you remember the tips below, it can help to avoid springtime car accidents. However, if you are in a crash, do not hesitate to contact our Oak Creek car accident lawyer at Martin Law Office, S.C. for assistance.

Slow Down In The Rain

There is more rain in March and April in Wisconsin than at other times. As a result, you can expect wet, slick roads in the springtime between the rain and some snow. One of the proven ways to reduce the chances of accidents is to slow down when the roads are wet. No matter how good your tires are, it takes longer to slow down in wet weather. Experts recommend driving at least five MPH under the speed limit when you see rain or snow on the road. Driving slower reduces the odds of hydroplaning, which occurs when your car tires lose contact with the pavement.

Watch For More Traffic

You can expect more road traffic as days lengthen and the weather improves. Watch for more drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and truck drivers. Be prepared to share the roads with more drivers and slow down to avoid ugly car accidents.

Be Gentle On The Brakes

When you hit the brakes hard on dry roads, you will rarely skid. You could lose control or slide if the road is slick with snow or ice. Even with anti-lock brakes, jamming on the brakes on wet roads can cause accidents. Avoid this problem by tapping the brakes when you slow down in wet weather.

Look Out For Potholes

Potholes tend to appear as the weather thaws in Wisconsin every spring. If you hit a large pothole fast enough, you could damage your suspension, or even lose control and have an accident. If you think a road defect caused your injury, talk to our Oak Creek car accident attorney about filing a lawsuit against the local government.

Check Your Battery

Winters can be frigid in Milwaukee, and several months of icy cold starts may wreak havoc on your battery. Also, cold air and corrosion can corrode your battery cables. Check your battery and cables every spring and replace them to avoid being stuck on the road with a vehicle that will not start.

Turn On Your Headlights

Any rain in the spring can reduce visibility and make it harder for others to see you. Therefore, you should always turn on your headlights when it begins to rain. Ensuring that others can see you can avoid many serious car accidents.

Watch For Children

Children will play outside more as the sun gets warmer in the Milwaukee area. Expect to see children playing near and in the streets, especially in the afternoon when school ends. Slow down at crosswalks and residential neighborhoods and remember to stop for school buses.

Beware Of Standing Water

Spring in Wisconsin often means melting snow and ice on the roads. Our roads are designed to be slightly higher in the middle, so they drain well, but this often results in standing water on the sides of the road. There does not have to be a lot of standing water for a car to hydroplane, so be on the watch for standing water and slow down before driving through it. If you see it too late to slow down, drive through the water without braking or changing direction.

Replace Your Tires

Your tires are the most essential part of the vehicle. After all, your tires make contact with the road and keep you in control of where you are going. Take a good look at your tires and treads every spring. If they are worn or damaged, you can significantly reduce accidents by replacing tires.

If your tires still have plenty of tread, check the pressure. Tires may lose several pounds of pressure over the winter. Having tires at the correct pressure reduces wear and improves control and gas mileage.

Allow More Time For Driving

Winter is coming to an end, but the end of March and early April can still have cold fronts with rain and snow. If it rains and drops below freezing at night, there could be a hazardous coating of black ice on the roads during your morning commute. Reduce the chances of a nasty accident by allowing an extra 15 or 30 minutes of driving time. As a result, you will not feel as rushed and will be less likely to speed to get where you need to go.

Tune Up Your Car

A long, cold Milwaukee winter could wear out various systems on your vehicle. So, have your car checked every spring to ensure it is safe to drive. Check your tire treads, brakes, fluid levels, and windshield wipers to ensure they are in good condition to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

Focus On Safe Driving

We all want to get where we need to quickly. But the most important is getting to our destinations safely and without accidents. So, do everything you can to drive safely as the weather warms every spring. This includes putting away your cell phone and avoiding distractions. Texting and driving in Wisconsin is illegal; you can be fined and receive four points on your license if law enforcement catches you on your phone behind the wheel. In addition, using a cell phone while driving in Wisconsin must be a hands-free device only.

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More car accidents may happen in the spring as more drivers hit the roads. While many accidents can be avoided with defensive driving, sometimes auto accidents occur despite our best efforts.

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