What To Look For When Choosing The Best Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers

October 31 , 2022 | Personal Injury Lawyer

So you were in a Wisconsin car accident when someone else slammed into you at a stop sign. You suffered a broken arm, head trauma, and a sprained back. You cannot work for months and have $25,000 in medical bills. What will you do?

Some injured people may work with insurance companies without legal help. However, some will hire the best Wisconsin personal injury lawyer they can find.

How do you find the best attorney? Follow the tips below to find the best attorney to represent your injury case. Then, talk to Martin Law Office, S.C., for more information about your injury matter.

Find An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Forbes recommends finding an experienced car accident lawyer who has successfully handled many cases like yours. This attorney will understand the kinds of injuries you have. Also, they will have a deep bench of medical professionals and economic and other experts available to prove your case.

If you were hurt in a tractor-trailer accident, find an attorney who has gone toe-to-toe with stingy truck insurance companies. These cases often have serious injuries, and settlements can cost millions.

Find Out How Successful They Are

When you have serious accident injuries, your health depends on finding an attorney who has won impressive settlements. So, you should hire an expert negotiator. That said, having an attorney in your corner with a stellar trial record also pays.

The insurance company will know if your attorney has many high-end jury awards to her credit. If so, this can give you an edge in negotiating a better car accident settlement.

Choose An Attorney Who Lectures And Presents In The Field

Ask the Wisconsin personal injury lawyer about presentations and articles they have authored in personal injury law. Have they ever done a TV presentation where they spoke to the public about personal injury subjects?

The best attorneys have a deep knowledge of personal injury law and usually talk and present about it. However, if your attorney does not give many presentations in the field, they may not know much.

Make Sure The Law Firm Has Deep Pockets

When you hire your attorney, take a look at their office. Is it impressive, and do the attorneys have an air of success? You need a law firm with financial resources to take your case to the mat. Jury trials are lengthy and expensive. Does your attorney have what it takes financially?

A severe personal injury case can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare. In addition, many expensive experts will be needed to construct the best evidence in your case. So, ensure the attorney has the money to fight it out with the big insurance companies.

Understand How They Get Paid

Most personal injury lawyers are compensated with a contingency agreement. This means they are paid from the settlement or verdict award. Attorneys usually are paid between 25% and 40% of what you are awarded. Many attorneys also will cover the case’s legal expenses, which will be deducted later. Make sure you understand how they are compensated and what fees you are responsible for paying if any.

See How They Interact With Clients

One of the most important relationships at this point is the attorney-client partnership. You want an attorney you get along with and communicate well with. Some factors to pay attention to during the interview process:

  • Are they patient answering all of your questions?
  • Are they professional and friendly to you?
  • Are you talking to the attorney the most or the paralegal?
  • Can they explain complex legal matters in a way you understand?
  • Can they come to you if needed?
  • Do they seem interested in your welfare, or are they all about the money?

Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney At All?

After someone else’s negligence hurts you, you might wonder if you even need an attorney. Yes! There will always be a defendant in your case with an attorney working against you. They may try to prove the accident was your fault. Or, they might argue that your injuries are minor and you only deserve a small settlement.

Insurance companies handle personal injury claims all day. But unfortunately, they are highly skilled at using tricks and shady methods to reduce what they pay you. That is why you should always rely on the best personal injury attorney.

A skilled Wisconsin personal injury lawyer will dive deep into your case. First, they will prove the other party was liable for your injuries and damages. Next, they negotiate aggressively for you. Finally, they will make sure you don’t get a lowball settlement.

Also, your attorney works regularly with health insurance companies. They may be able to help you negotiate lower medical bills at the end of the case. The less your healthcare providers are willing to take for your medical expenses, the more money in your pocket.

Most injured parties who hire a personal injury attorney have a better settlement. So do not worry about trying to handle your claim on your own. Some say you may get up to 3.5 times more money if you hire an attorney. You are always better off with a fierce legal advocate in your corner. Plus, you do not have to pay anything unless the attorney wins. So, what do you have to lose?

Contact Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Today

If you are hurt in a severe accident, you could be saddled with unpaid medical bills, lost earnings, and untold pain and suffering. How will you get back to health without the money to get the necessary treatments? A personal injury attorney is your tireless advocate for justice and compensation when someone is liable for your injuries.

The Wisconsin personal injury attorneys at Martin Law Office, S.C., proudly serve the communities of Milwaukee, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Mount Pleasant, South Milwaukee, Racine, Franklin, West Allis, and Wauwatosa. Contact Martin Law Offices today for a complimentary consultation about your injury case.