2022 Martin Law Office Fall Scholarship Winner

October 11 , 2022 | Martin Law Scholarship

Martin Law Office is excited to announce the recipient of the 2022 Martin Law Office Fall Scholarship!

We want to thank all who applied for the scholarship, for taking the time to apply as well as all their service to their communities.

Meet our 2022 Martin Law Office Fall Scholarship recipient, Catherine Schweitzer! Here is a little background information about Catherine:

Catherine Schweitzer graduated from Franklin High School in June of 2022.  In the Fall of 2022, she began college.  Catherine participated in Relay for Life in all four years of high school.  Relay for Life is an event that takes months of planning and fundraising to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Catherine states this is her way to honor the survivors and remember those who we have lost.

Catherine participated in ECO club (Environmental Conservation and Outdoor Club), which is a club her high school focused on as far as environmental education, recreation, and community service projects. For example, a project she participated in with this group was cleaning out buckthorn and picking up garbage at a cancer treatment center’s nature reserve. This club is a great way to give back and help keep our environment clean, protected, and enjoyable for the community.

Catherine did not stop there.  She volunteered in countless ways for the Franklin School District.  She went to the middle school three times a week and mentored the sixth graders, as well assisted the teachers in their lesson planning.  She went to the elementary schools in the District and helped the students and teachers there in several different ways.  She helped the 2nd and 3rd graders with their math, reading and writing.

For one of Catherine’s capstone-level classes, her semester project is to work with a mentor to help them solve a problem. Catherine’s mentor is one of her elementary school gym teachers who she worked with to create a system where children who get into conflicts in class can go to and take a break before rejoining the activity.  This helps both the students and the teacher.  Catherine is proud to say, in just one semester, she had over 100 of volunteer hours, she feels as if she is doing her part to give back to her community and create a positive impact.  We couldn’t agree more.

It is easy to see why we chose Catherine as our 2022 Martin Law Office Fall Scholarship winner.

We want to wish Catherine the very best of luck in her future endeavors!  Congratulations and Well-Deserved!