How Common Is Elder Abuse?

April 26 , 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse
Sadly, as our population ages, elder abuse is becoming more and more prevalent. As more individuals become residents in nursing homes and other similar facilities, the rates of abuse are climbing.  The statistics are startling:

  • An estimated 5 million elders are abused each year.
  • Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+ have experienced some form of elder abuse.
  • 36% of nursing home residents witnessed at least 1 incident of physical abuse of an elderly patient in the previous year; 10% committed at least 1 act of physical abuse towards an elderly patient; 40%admitted to psychologically abusing patients.
  • One study estimated that only 1 in 14 cases of abuse are reported to authorities.

What Are Types Of Elder Abuse And Who Are The Perpetrators

Elder abuse includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, neglect, and abandonment.  Perpetrators include, children, other family members, and spouses—as well as staff at the nursing home, assisted living residence, and/or other similar types of facilities.

Warning signs of elder abuse include the following:

  • Physical abuse, neglect, or mistreatment: Bruises, pressure marks, broken bones, abrasions, and burns.
  • Emotional Abuse: Unexplained withdrawal from normal activities, a sudden change in alertness, or unusual depression; strained or tense relationships; frequent arguments with caregivers.
  • Financial abuse: Sudden changes in financial resources.
  • Neglect: Bedsores, unattended medical needs, poor hygiene, unusual weight loss.
  • Verbal or emotional abuse: Belittling, threats, or other uses of power and control by individuals.

Elder Abuse Often Goes Unreported

Elder abuse can lead to serious physical, psychological, financial, social, and medical consequences. Many cases of elder abuse remain unreported due to fear, embarrassment, or a lack of awareness. We at the Martin Law Office, S.C. are dedicated to holding those wrongdoers who prey on the most vulnerable accountable for their transgressions.  Every person deserves to live with dignity—especially our elders in their Golden Years.  Therefore, if you or a loved one has been injured due to nursing home abuse—or you have witnessed some of the warning signs enumerated above—we encourage you to visit for a free consultation.  If after reviewing the facts and circumstances of your case we determine we can be of assistance, our board-certified personal injury attorneys can provide you with your best options moving forward.