Where Did an Accident Happen?

December 18 , 2020 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can have serious consequences. Accidents can cause property damage, injuries, and even fatalities. Certain behaviors, if engaged in while driving, can increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Some of these behaviors include distracted driving and traveling at a speed in excess of the speed limit or unsafe for weather conditions. Recently, an accident happed in Milwaukee in which speed is believed to have been a factor.

The accident occurred on Tuesday, December 15 around 9:00 in the morning. The accident happened near 76th Street and Bobolink Avenue. Law enforcement officials believe that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control. When the driver lost control, the vehicle struck several trees and buildings. Law enforcement officials and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene of the accident. The driver of the vehicle needed to be extricated from the vehicle. The driver was then transported to the hospital for treatment for the serious injuries that were sustained in the accident.

This accident helps to demonstrate the risks associated with speeding. Speeding plays a role in approximately one-third of all car accidents involving fatalities. Speeding causes a greater potential to loss control of your vehicle, reduces the effectiveness of protective equipment, increases the distance needed to come to a stop, and increases the degree of crash severity. Because speeding can increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident, it is highly important to drive at a speed in accordance with the speed limit and safe for weather conditions. By doing so, you can help prevent car accidents and help keep the roadways safer for not only yourself, but for others as well.