What Caused Lane Closures on I-41?

December 4 , 2020 | Truck Accidents

The winter is soon coming to Wisconsin. With the arrival of winter, also comes the arrival of winter weather. Winter weather includes rain, snow, sleet and icy conditions. These weather conditions can make driving more hazardous. When there is winter weather conditions, it is important that drivers take extra precautions to help keep themselves and others safe. Recently, an accident caused lane closures on Interstate 41.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, November 25 around 3:30 pm near Florist Avenue. There was a collision that caused a semi-tanker to jack-knife. The accident occurred while there was rainy conditions. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of the accident. Upon arrival at the scene of the accident, law enforcement officials shut down several lanes. Law enforcement officials also recommended that while the lane closures were in effect, drivers choose an alternate route to get to their destination. Thankfully, there were no injuries resulted from the incident.

This accident demonstrates some of the potential hazards associated with winter weather. Winter weather can make road conditions more slick and slippery. When roadways are wet it can impact the amount of time and distance that a driver needs to come to a stop, therefore reducing the amount of time drivers will have to react to potential hazards in the roadway. Because of this, it is highly important that drivers are paying full attention to the roadways an engaging in safe driving activities. By avoiding distracted driving activities, such as using their phone or eating behind the wheel, drivers will have more time to react to potential hazards in the roadway. With more time to react, it is more likely that a driver will be able to avoid being involved in an automobile accident.