December 31 , 2020

What Type of Driving Related Offense is Down in Wisconsin?

There are many behaviors that are dangerous if engaged in while driving. One of the most dangerous things to do…

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December 29 , 2020

How Many Accidents Happened in Milwaukee County in Six Hours?

With the arrival of winter in Wisconsin, the temperatures are dropping. Colder temperatures can lead to weather conditions that make…

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December 28 , 2020

Martin Law Office S.C. is Sponsoring a $100 Target Gift…

Martin Law Office is hoping to help start the new year on a good note by sponsoring a $100 Target…

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December 18 , 2020

Where Did an Accident Happen?

Motor vehicle accidents can have serious consequences. Accidents can cause property damage, injuries, and even fatalities. Certain behaviors, if engaged…

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December 16 , 2020

What Happened in Milwaukee County?

Winter is arriving in Wisconsin. With the arrival of winter also comes the arrival of winter weather. Winter weather includes…

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December 11 , 2020

What Did a Vehicle Hit in Milwaukee?

It is imperative that drivers practice safe driving every time that they are on the roadway. Accidents can have serious…

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