What is the Latest Ford Recall?

November 11 , 2020 | Personal Injury

We expect the products we buy and consume to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, sometimes the products we buy and use pose potential risks to our health and safety. When a potential risk associated with a product becomes known, it is common for the company that makes the product to issue a recall. The purpose of the recall is to help warn consumers about the potential risks associated with the product. One type of product that is often the subject of recalls is automobiles. Recently, the automaker, Ford, issued a recall for some of its vehicles.

The recall comes after the discovery of a suspension problem in some Ford SUVs. The rear toe links used in the vehicle can fracture if they become corroded. If the toe link fractures, it can reduce the steering control in the vehicle. The reduced steering control can increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Thus far, the company has received reports of six people being hurt in crashes involving the suspension problem. The recall is for Ford Explorers with model years 2013 through 2017. All of the recalled vehicles were built at the Ford Assembly Plant in Chicago, Illinois between September 4, 2012 and January 25, 2017. The recalled vehicles have been sold in states all across the United States as well as in Canada.

Owners of the recalled vehicles will be able to bring their vehicle to a Ford dealership for an inspection. If the parts need to be replaced, the dealership will do so at no cost to the owner. The company plans to begin notifying owners of the impacted vehicles the week of November 30, 2020.