What is Believed to Have Caused an Accident?

September 25 , 2020 | Car Accidents

There are many things that can contribute to the possibility of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. These things range from weather conditions to distracted driving behaviors. One thing that contributes to the possibility of being involved in an accident is driving while under the influence. Recently, a tragic accident occurred which is believed to have involved a driver who was operating under the influence.

The accident happened on Sunday, September 20, 2020 in Rock County, Wisconsin. Law enforcement officials state that a 68 year old man was driving an SUV when he drifted across the center line into the opposite lane of traffic on a county highway. When the SUV drifted over the line, it collided head-on with a pickup truck. Tragically, both occupants of the pickup truck passed away as a result of the injuries that were sustained in the collision. Additionally, the driver of the SUV suffered life threatening injuries from the crash. A passenger in the SUV also sustained injuries. The driver of the SUV has since been arrested on possible charges of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and operating while intoxicated.

Driving under the influence is dangerous driving. Driving under the influence increases the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, which can result in property damage, serious injuries and even fatalities. Every year, accidents involving intoxicated drivers result in more than 10,000 fatalities. Consuming alcohol results in reduced functioning of the brain, impaired thinking and reasoning, and reduces muscle coordination. All of these abilities are imperative to driving a vehicle in a safe manner. Because of the impacts of alcohol on both the mind and body, it is very dangerous to driver a motor vehicle after drinking. We can help to keep the roadways safer for everyone by ensuring that we do not drive under the influence.