Where Did an Accident Involving a Pedestrian Occur?

August 19 , 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents

The summer in Wisconsin is in full swing. With the arrival of summer, also comes the arrival of more sunny days and warmer weather. With the nicer weather, more people engage in outdoor activities. Some of these outdoor activities take place on or near the roadways. Because of the uptick in pedestrians during the warmer months it is important for drivers to be aware of pedestrians and practice safe driving. Recently, a tragic accident involving a pedestrian happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The accident occurred on Saturday, August 8, 2020. It happened near the intersection of North 27th Street and West Kilborn Avenue. It happened around 1:40 am. The accident happened when a vehicle that was traveling on the roadway struck a pedestrian. The force of the collision caused the pedestrian to sustain serious injuries. The pedestrian was transported to an area hospital to receive treatment for the injuries that were sustained during the accident. Tragically, the pedestrian passed away at the hospital as a result of the injuries that were sustained in the accident. Following the collision, the driver of the vehicle involved did not remain on the scene of the accident. Law enforcement officials continue to search for both the driver and vehicle involved in the accident.

It is important that we practice safe driving every time we operate our motor vehicles. Safe driving includes eliminating distractions, traveling at a speed in accordance with the speed limit, and using seatbelts and other protective equipment. By ensuring that our full attention to the roadways, we give ourselves more time to react to hazards and other unexpected things in the roadways. With more time to react, there is a greater possibility of avoiding an accident. By practicing safe driving, we can help keep the roadways safer for all, pedestrians and motorists alike.