What Kind of Accident Happened in Milwaukee?

The summer in Wisconsin is in full swing. With the nicer weather outside, many Wisconsinites like to take advantage of it and engage in outdoor activities. Some common outdoor activities include playing sports, going for walks and hikes, and riding bicycles. While these activities are fun and enjoyable, they can also be hazardous. One outdoor activity that can pose hazards is riding a bike. Bike riding can be especially hazardous as bicyclists often share the roadway with motor vehicles. When a collision between a motor vehicle and bicyclists, the bicyclist almost always gets the worst of it. Bicyclists are vulnerable to accidents with motor vehicles, and it is common for these accidents to result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Recently, a tragic accident involving a bicyclist and motor vehicle occurred in Milwaukee.

The accident happened on July 25, 2020 near 12th Street and Fond du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The driver of a motor vehicle collided with the bicyclist around 10:20 pm. The impact of the accident caused the bicyclist to sustain severe injuries. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident, and the bicyclist was determined to have passed away from the injuries sustained in the accident. The driver of the motor vehicle involved in the accident remained on the scene and cooperated with the investigation.

Drivers need to be careful to account for the possibility of bicyclists on the roadways. Drivers should always be paying full attention to the roadway to help keep themselves and others safe. Additionally, drivers should avoid all distracted driving behaviors, such as using the phone while driving. Bicyclists should also ensure they are following the pertinent traffic laws and paying attention while riding their bikes. By focusing on safe driving and ensuring that their full attention is on the roads, drivers can help keep the roads safer for bicyclists.