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What Food Product Has Been Recalled?

We expect the products we buy and consume to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, sometimes the products we buy pose potential risks for our health and safety. We a potential hazard with a product becomes known, it is common for the company that produces the product to issue a recall to help warn consumers about the risks associated with the product. One type of product that is commonly recalled is food items. Recently, a Hostess product has been recalled.

The product that is subject to the recall is Raspberry Zingers. The recall comes after the discovery of a potential mold problem. The company stated that it is possible that some of the baked goods could experience mold growth before the product’s best by date. The Raspberry Zingers that are included in the recall have a best by date in late August 2020. Some of the recalled products will not have best by dates on the packaging, so consumers will have to use the UPC codes to identify if the product is included in the recall. The only product included in the recall is the Raspberry Zingers. No other Hostess products have been impacted by the recall.

The items included in the recall are:

  • Hostess Raspberry Zingers (Multi-Pack Fresh) with UPC Code 888109110604
  • Hostess Raspberry Zingers (Multi-Pack Frozen) with UPC Code 888109110604
  • Hostess Raspberry Zingers (Single-Serve Fresh) with UPC Code 888109010089
  • Hostess Raspberry Zingers (Single-Serve Frozen) with UPC Code 888109010089
  • Hostess Raspberry Zinger (Single-Serve Grocery 3-Count) with UPC Code 888109010089

Consumers who have these products should not consume them. Instead consumers should return the product to the store where they purchased them. If returned to the store where purchased, consumers will receive a full refund for the item.

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