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What Product Has Been Recalled?

We expect the products we purchase to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, sometimes products can pose potential hazards to our health or safety. When a potential hazard associated with a product becomes known, it is common for the manufacturer of the product to issue a recall to help alert consumers of the potential hazards associated with the product. Recently, hand sanitizers have been the subject of several recalls from the Food and Drug Administration.

Currently, there have been 65 hand sanitizers that have been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. The sanitizers were recalled after they tested positive for containing methanol. Methanol can be poisonous if it is absorbed through the skin or ingested.  Methanol is a toxic alcohol that is usually used for pesticides and alternative fuels. Substantial exposure to methanol can cause serious side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, and other medical issues. The Food and Drug Administration believes the majority of the recalled products were manufactured in Mexico. The manufacturers have also issued recalls for the products. The latest recalled hand sanitizers include AAA Cosmetica’s bio aaa Advance Hand Sanitizer and Soluciones Cosmeticas’ Bersih Hand Sanitizer Gel Fragrance Free and 4e Brands North America.

The Food and Drug Administration’s investigation into contaminated hand sanitizers is ongoing. The agency has a full list of all the sanitizers that have been recalled on its website and it continues to update the webpage with new information regarding the recalled products.  The Center for Disease Control recommends that hand sanitizer only be used in situations where washing hands with soap and water is not an available option.

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