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What Caused a Crash on a Wisconsin Freeway?

The summer has finally arrived in Wisconsin. With the arrival of summer, it is common to see an increase of motorists on the roadways. Additionally, with the warmer weather, it is common for animals to be more active. Sometimes these animals venture near or even onto the roadways. When animals venture on or near the roadways, it can create hazards for drivers. Because of the potential hazards of animals being near the roadways, it is important that drivers are focusing on what is happening on the roadways. Recently, a family of ducks contributed to an accident on Interstate 94 in Racine County.

The accident occurred on Thursday, June 18th around 11:00 am. The accident happened after the ducks entered the roadway, hoping to cross the street. A driver noticed the ducks walking across the road and came to a complete stop to allow them to pass by. When the driver came to a complete stop, the vehicle was rear ended by a semi truck. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident. Following the accident, the driver of the car that was rear ended was transported to the hospital where they received treatment for minor injuries. Law enforcement officials also removed the surviving ducklings off of the roadway to ensure their safety. The accident resulted in several lanes of traffic needing to be shut down to allow for clean up of the accident.

This accident demonstrates the importance of paying full attention to the roadways. When drivers are focused on the roadways, they have better reaction time to unexpected hazards, such as the ducks. With more reaction time, there is an increased chance that drivers will be able to avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident. By practicing safe driving behavior, we can help to keep the roadways safer for all, humans and ducks alike.

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