Where Was There a Series of Accidents?

June 29 , 2020 | Car Accidents

As the temperatures across the state increase, usually the amount of traffic increases as well. With increased amounts of traffic across Wisconsin roadways, drivers need to use extra caution to help keep themselves and their passengers safe. Recently a series of accidents occurred along Interstate 90 in Columbia County.

The series of accidents occurred on Friday morning, June 12, 2020. The first accident occurred around 4:00 am when a rear-end accident involving two semi trucks happened near Lodi, Wisconsin. The accident resulted in property damage. The second accident happened around 5:00 am, when a truck struck the first crash scene. This collision resulted in a highway worker sustaining serious injuries and two state patrol officers being injured as well. All three were transported to the University of Wisconsin Hospital for treatment for the injuries that were sustained.

The third accident happened around 6:45 am when traffic was queuing as a result of the earlier accidents. A multi car pile up occurred on the northbound side of the interstate. Law enforcement officials stated that a semi-tractor that was traveling at highway speeds created a chain reaction of collisions. In total, at least seven vehicles were involved in the accident. These vehicles included two semi trucks, a dump truck and four passenger vehicles. Tragically, this accident resulted in four fatalities and multiple injuries. Officials closed the northbound interstate and rerouted traffic onto US 51 north.

Practicing safe driving behaviors is of the utmost importance to help keep yourself, your passengers and other people using the roadways safe. By making sure that we do not engage in distracted driving activities, put our full attention on the roadways and travel at a speed in accordance with the speed limit and that is safe for weather conditions, we can help increase safety on the roadway for all.