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What is the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Warning Motorists About?

The summer is finally arriving in Wisconsin after a long winter. With the arrival of summer, also comes the arrival of summer weather. Summer weather can include high temperatures and intense sunlight. These high temperatures can cause problems on the roadways. One of the problems that high temperatures can cause is pavement buckling. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is urging motorists to be aware of the possibility of pavement buckling after it contributed to a recent accident.

Recently, an accident occurred near Hudson in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Officials believe that a driver of a SUV was not paying full attention to the roadway, which caused them to hit an area of the pavement that had buckled. When the driver hit the road buckle, the impact of the collision caused the vehicle to roll off the roadway into the median. The force of the accident caused the driver to suffer minor injuries.

Following this accident, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is urging all drivers to be extra cautious on the roadways and cognizant that pavement buckles may occur. Pavement buckling is most likely to happen during the summertime, when the weather is hot. Hot temperatures can cause parts of the roadway to expand. In some cases, the pavement expands so much that it bursts. When the pavement bursts, it is a hazard to drivers and can contribute to accidents. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation wants to warn drivers and motorists that continues hot temperatures can increase the chance of pavement buckling.

It is the utmost importance that drivers practice safe driving and ensure their full attention is on the roadway. By practicing safe driving and focusing on the roadway, drivers will have a longer time to react to unexpected occurrences in the roadway, such as pavement buckling.

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