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What Contributed to an Accident in Milwaukee?

There are many activities that if engaged in while driving pose hazards and can increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident occurring. Some examples of dangerous driving behaviors include distracted driving, driving while under the influence and texting while driving. Another common dangerous driving activity is speeding or traveling at a speed that is unsafe for weather conditions. Recently, a tragic accident occurred in Milwaukee involving speeding.

The accident occurred on Monday, June 1, 2020. The accident happened around 3:30 am near Hopkins Street and Chambers Street. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident and performed an investigation into its causes. Law enforcement officials believe the driver of the vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed when she lost control of the vehicle. After losing control of the vehicle, the driver struck a tree near the roadway. Tragically, the driver of the vehicle was killed as a result of the injuries she sustained in the collision.

This accident illustrates some of the dangers associated with speeding and traveling too fast for weather conditions. Speed was a contributing factor in 26 percent of crashes involving fatalities in 2017. Speed has a wide range of consequences for drivers. Some of these consequences include the greater possibility of loss of control of the motor vehicle,  a reduced effectiveness of occupant protection devices, need for an increased stopping distance, and an increased degree of crash severity, which contributes to more serious injuries. All of these consequences combine to make speeding an extremely hazardous activity.

To help keep yourself and others safe on the roadway, you should always abide by the speed limit and ensure that you are driving at a safe speed for weather and road conditions. By ensuring that you travel at a safe speed, you can help to reduce the amount of accidents and keep everyone on the roadways safer.

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