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What Contributed to an Accident on I-94?

Summer is beginning to arrive in Wisconsin. With the arrival of summer, also comes the arrival of warmer weather. Warmer weather tends to increase the amount of people engaging in outdoor activities. In addition to more humans being outside, the warmer weather often brings about an increase in activity from animals. Because of this, it can be more common for drivers to encounter animals on or near the roadways. Unfortunately, an animal near the roadway contributed to a recent tragic accident on I-94.

The accident occurred on Friday, May 29 around 9:15 in the morning. The accident happened when a freeway service driver had pulled over with the vehicle’s lights on to move a turtle that had gotten onto the road. While the freeway service driver was attempting to remove the turtle from the roadway, he was struck by a passing semi-tractor and trailer. Tragically, the freeway service driver passed away from the injuries he sustained as a result of the accident.

Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident. The accident caused two lanes of traffic to be shut down while the accident was investigated. Following the collision, the driver of the semi truck left the scene. Law enforcement officials searched for the driver of the truck, and were able to locate both the semi truck and the driver later in Ripon, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin State Patrol is continuing to handle the investigation.

This accident shows the importance of paying attention to what is happening on the roadways. By paying full attention to the roadways and not engaging in distracted driving behavior, we can help to keep the roadways safer for everyone. Additionally, this accident demonstrates the importance of staying on the scene following a motor vehicle accident.

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