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What Struck a Bridge in Milwaukee County?

Sometimes unexpected events occur on the roadways. These events can range from an animal entering the roadway to unusual weather phenomena. Recently, an unexpected event occurred in Milwaukee County near Mitchell International Airport.

The unexpected accident happened on Thursday, May 21, 2020. A dump truck was traveling down the road with the bed of the dump truck still in the air. The dump truck approached a bridge with the bed still in the air. The positioning of the bed of the truck caused it to collide with the bridge. Reports stated that the collision resulted in a powerful bang sound, similar to that of a metal ball being shot out of a cannon. Thankfully, even though the truck’s collision with the bridge was quite forceful, the driver of the truck was uninjured in the collision.

The force of the collision resulted in the bed of the truck being severed from the rest of the truck. Additionally, the collision caused broken pipes and fractured concrete to the bridge. The bed of the truck remained lodged between the roadway and the bridge. The whole incident was caught on video by an individual who witnessed the accident. Crews were able to respond to the scene of the accident and clear away the debris and tow away the truck. Thankfully, no one was injured and no other accidents resulted from the crash.

This accident demonstrates the need to be vigilant on the roadways. Because the other drivers around were able to notice that the bed of the truck was up and that it was headed for a collision with the bridge. Therefore, the other drivers were able to slow their speeds to avoid being involved in the accident. By practicing safe driving and ensuring that our full attention is on the roadways, we can help prevent accidents.

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